About the Foundations program

Foundations for Education (FFE) is a 501(c)3 educational organization (EIN 65-0766271) established by Ramelle Gonzales in 1997 that provides scholarships to Mayan young people studying at the university level and helping rural communities with educational projects that are managed by our scholarship students in their communities.

Our main objective is that our scholarship students become qualified professionals in their respective fields. Guatemala sorely lacks Mayan professionals. Our second objective is that our students become active members in their communities and take pride in their Maya heritage so they can build a new Guatemala, free of discrimination and with justice for the Maya people.

As part of the Foundations program the students have continuous exercises writing synthesis using their critical thinking of newspapers articles via the internet.

The application process is done over the internet so we can determine their level of computer knowledge and how long it takes them to respond. They need to write and send a presentation letter using the instructions of the Foundations program so that we can determine their level of writing and comprehension skills. Their grade level for the last 2 years needs to be more than 70 in each class. If all the information is sent in a timely manner then we ask them to come to the office for an interview. If they pass the interview then they have to do a 30 hour social leadership project with students in 7th through 9th grades in their community before they are actually accepted into the program. They are able to pick the theme they want to work with such as motivational or self-esteem, reading comprehension, math or environment issues.

The cost of the scholarship can range from $800.00 up to $2,000.00.There are many factors that enter into the cost of the students education. Some of the factors are the specific career, the university they attend, books, transportation, uniforms, and living expenses if they are living outside of the home while studying.

We have PayPal to make it easier to make a donation or US donors can send a check. Just click on the PayPal line. Thanking you in advance.